Water Hammer

by am/fm dreams

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Yesterday (Aug 26th, 2013) I decided I was going to devote at least one day of my summer holiday's to something I love but rarely get the time to do; make music. I challenged myself to record as many songs as I could in one day. I started at 8:30 AM and by 3:00 AM i had five new songs recorded and mixed. It could be the beginning of a new album but for now I'm calling it an EP.
All songs written between August 23 - 25, 2013 and recorded on August 26th, 2013 by me, Damian Lethbridge.


released August 26, 2013

written/performed/recorded/mixed by Damian Lethbridge



all rights reserved


am/fm dreams St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

AM/FM Dreams are a reclusive, sleeper city basement band.

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Track Name: Eyes Closed
How you gonna sleep when you're never sound?
How you gonna keep you fever down?
Your an eyeful
How you gonna walk when you never run?
Chip off the block your father's son
You're an eye sore
And I wonder if I'll bend under
The weight of my own wonder
Mother's in the kitchen freakin' out
Baby's in the nursery cryin' loud
It's a handful
And I wonder if I'll bend under
The weight of my own wonder
Hands for letting go
Nurse the grudge at home
To proud to step below
Nurse the grudge I own
How you see when your eyes are closed?
How you gonna keep your family whole
It's a handful
Save all your grief for someone else
Maybe this time you can help yourself
Track Name: Oh My Sky
Oh my sky
What has come between you and I?
One million tons
Of chloroflourocarbons
Saw it in a movie
Watched it with the subtitles on
But my heart has overdrawn
Can I owe you some?

Oh My Sky
We’ve forgotten how to fly
What have we done?
Gotten too close to the sun
In formation
And nailed both feet to the ground
But we heard that you were coming back down
So just wait around

Well you say that we’re united
We’re united in being wrong
Well you say that we’ve been saved
Saved by America
Ask the question – What comes next?
Hope you give me your best guess

Oh My Sky
Thought I had another life
Up in the clouds
Where the liars build their house
Something holy
It got lost in translation
And my faith has overdrawn
Can I owe you some?

Oh My Sky
Draw a picture with one line
Down the road
That you drive with your eyes closed
You love poison
Baby I love poison too
Can I share mine with you
Cause I’m overdue
Track Name: Garden
Two walkie talkies
Pull over the cops
Paid our monthly fees
Then the money stops
Tiny makeshift farm
Cabbage, turnip greens
Germans built this barn
Fit for royalty

Tumble in the weeds
Hummingbirds and frogs
Naked bumblebees
Multi-coloured moss
Nothing as it seems
Never planned this stop
Distant memories
Quarter in the rocks

Never thought it would be so easy

Cigarette machine
and an old guitar
A dead museum
Country western star
Some are Japanese
Some of them are not
Caked in plasticine
For the money shot
It's a butterfly
On a camera lens
The whole family
On a vacation
Waiting for the tide
In the back garden
Take a lesson from
Three generations
Track Name: Emotional Landmines
So you stopped coming round
Your heart buried in the ground
It's a shock, it's a scene
You never say what you mean

Emotional landmines
You can see the stop signs
But you're not slowing down
One foot on the trip line
And the words fly
Like bullets from your mouth

So you're still running round
With the losers in this town
It's a shock, it's a shame
You never win at your own game

And the radio hums
Never hear what you want
Just the same tired song
Of how it all ended wrong
Track Name: I Dreamed I Was a Dancer
Last night I dreamed I was a dancer
In an old off Broadway show
And I danced with the girls in balcony
And I sang to the mezzanine row
It was Tin Pan Alley and Salvador Dali
At the curtain the crowd leapt to their feet
And I bowed and I posed
And was presented with a rose
Then I stumbled out into the street

Last night I dreamed I was strong and thin
And my body a perfect specimen
And the love triangles I was caught up in
Were mainly obtuse and scalene
No sides were the same
We were bent beyond pain
And went back to our corners alone
We came out swinging before the first blow
I awoke to the ring of the phone

Baby don't answer let;s go back to sleep
We;re better off left to our dreams