Suburban Teenage Riot

by am/fm dreams

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Jan 2009


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


am/fm dreams St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

AM/FM Dreams are a reclusive, sleeper city basement band.

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Track Name: People Are Plastic
love your deadpan face
your artificial taste
i'm forever changed by your cold blank gaze
how you buzz and hum imitating emotion
i'm longing for the day when we two are one
so keep your modern advancement
i long for a world that was classic
everything is cold and synthetic
it feels like people are plastic
we're compatible
your heart is digital
you never eat or sleep
you never get tired of me
when i'm dead and gone
your functions carry on
process memory
reformat a brand new me
Track Name: Another Disappointment
i'm not watching where i'm going
bumping into objects that i did not see
wait a minute maybe they are bumping into me
it's no matter, climbing ladders
up into the clouds to find my peace
the moon is pretty full and i don't have a place to sleep
oh my ocean I'm alone
yeah another disappointment shattered dreams
alone but i'm not lonely
what should i feel
hiding in the closet with my skeletons
they're a little lifeless but my only friends
buy an ocean
sell some motion
all my loving saved for nothing
threw it in the fire and then i watched you laugh
then you turned and asked m for my autograph
buy an ocean
sell some motion
Track Name: Abstract Little Cul de Sac
you only think about yourself
focus on one thing at all times
head down and fall over yourself
your missing theory of the mind
no open skies no empty fields
just cold blank faces staring windows
passing by you're unaware but this is a dead end
when i'm out pulling my weeds
when i'm out meeting my needs
360 degrees of false security
Track Name: Dogs of Suburbia, Unite!
here comes the mailman
here comes my old arch nemesis
i'm snapping at his feet
he rattled my chain
now that my master's gone away
i'm gonna chase him down the street
i'll wander round til i am found
got my picture on a mailbox
they all think i'm lost
if i'm chasing my tail
well that don't mean i'm not all there
i'm gonna entertain myself
if i'm crossing the street
are you gonna stop and wait for me?
how you gonna live with yourself?
Track Name: Two Slant Dandelions
two slant dandelions on my front lawn
gonna mow them down
even though they've been together all summer long
by tonight they'll both be gone
i saw that mower come
i heard that mower hum across the lawn
and i told you not to cry
cause flowers can't make tears
flowers have no eyes
two days later on my lawn to my surprise
were the same two dandelions
even though i'd cut them down
just days before
there they stood larger than life
oh the world thought we had died
cut down in our prime
cut down in our youth
oh men will have their dreams
and their evil schemes
but flowers have their roots